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BioLife Plasma Services is a leader in the collection of human plasma for the production of a variety of life-saving and life-sustaining products. These include therapies for hemophilia, immune disorders, trauma, and other life-threatening conditions. BioLife Plasma Services operates numerous plasma-collection centers in communities across the United States.

Project: Upgrade software that operates a plasma screening system.


  • Migrate a legacy custom instrument software application used to a blood pooling system from Windows NT to Windows XP OS.
  • Maintain current FDA clearance and minimize impact to screening operations.

Results Delivered:

  • Ported the Baxter 3-D blood screening system to the Windows XP operating system.
  • Centralized software deployment automated post installation steps.
  • Delivered fully documented and verified system, maintained FDA clearance and kept operational impact to a minimum.

Thank you for the successful development, validation, and implementation of the ‘Install Software’ for the Baxter 3D Pooling software on Windows XP for the recovered plasma pooling project. The staff at Code Refinery exceeded my expectations as far as the documentation, validation, support, and timeliness of the project.”

— Senior Manager, Regulatory Licensing, BioLife Plasma Services, a subsidiary of Baxter Healthcare


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